Friday, October 21, 2005

Sneaky Leaks

And another Strokes hype-reviver leak. Fishy...
The Strokes – On The Other Side

Lightning Bolt’s Hypermagic Mountain came out this week. Here’s a song from it. It sounds a lot like their other stuff, as in: awesome.
Lightning Bolt – Dead Cowboy

Mates of State were adorable last night. ADORABLE. There wasn’t much banter; just one bright, poppy dance ditty after another, accented by lots of affectionate glances between the Mates. Openers Bishop Allen cheerfully delivered their equal parts quirky-and-catchy set, and Dirty On Purpose were lame – I think. I was getting sauced downstairs.
Mates Of State - Goods
Mates Of State - Team Boo
Bishop Allen – Things Are What You Make Of Them
Bishop Allen – Busted Heart

QUICKIES:….If you haven’t already, buy at least Volume 7 of the Ethiopiques series…..Wes alums Man V Beast will play Sun 11/13 at Southpaw with man v. woman duo Mommy & Daddy....check out sort-of-comedian-definitely-comedic Demetri Martin in his new show "These Are Jokes" and Monday in "Bro'in Out" at UCB Theater. Hilarity.
Man V Beast – Genevieve & Her Jeweled Ferrets

And now, your moment of zen, courtesy of the ever-chilling TomKat.

I'm learning how to knit,


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Anonymous said...

um, hi.. andrea? what happened to that swell "ellie terry" feature? i miss that. it was... swell!