Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Event List 10.26.05

For one: Kate is in town!! For two: Harry and Jake are in town! Hooray! Some comments on the following listings: For one, Fat Baby is a new venue which scene creamer and possessor of questionable attitude Pete-something is opening up. Shindig is $12, and you’ll have to listen ARE Weapons, but it’s worth it because there’s a full open bar all night. BTW, rumor has it that The Sexy Magazines broke up over artistic differences; frontman Franco V may begin a solo project soon. We can only hope / expect that it involves eye makeup, cock-struts, and tight striped pants á la Zeferelli’s Romeo and Juliet. The Seeds of Peace event tonight features comic genii such as Demetri Martin, David Wain, and Aziz Ansari.

And in case we were wondering about the state of our country’s sanity:
Thou Shalt Not Blog. Good job, New Jersey.

Tonight Mourn 2000 Fallen Soldiers @ Times Sq Recruiting Ctr, 6pm, FREE
Tonight Al Franken The Truth (With Jokes) @ B&N Union Sq, 7pm, FREE
Tonight Improv Everywhere Mp3 Experiment @ NYU Kimmel Center, 7:30pm, FREE
Tonight Seeds of Peace @
Gotham Comedy Club, 8pm, $30 adv
*Tonight America’s Next Top Model @ UPN, 8pm, FREE
*Tonight Grand Opening w/ The Flesh @
Fat Baby, FREE, 9-11 bar (flyer)

*Tonight Ad-Lib Roger Sisters Party @ Sway, FREE, bar 12-1
*Tonight Shindig @ 64 Gansevoort, 9pm, $12, OPEN BAR
Tonight Bang! @ China 1, FREE (flyer)

Tonight Bust! @ Boys Room, FREE

Tomorrow College Student Ice Skate @ Wollman Rink, 7pm, FREE (flyer)

Tomorrow Halloween Chinese BBQ @ Delancey, 7pm, FREE (flyer)

Tomorrow Margaret Cho I Have Chosen @ B&N Union Sq, 7pm, FREE
Wolf Parade + Dirty On Purpose @ NYU Kimmel Ctr, 7:30pm, $8
Tomorrow Ambulance Ltd + We Are Scientists @ Bowery, 8pm, $16
Tomorrow Solbakken @ Supreme Trading, 8pm, $10 (flyer)

*Tomorrow The Gossip + Holy Hail @
Supreme Trading, 8pm, $10
Tomorrow Americana release @ Lit, 10pm, FREE, 11:30-12:30 bar (flyer)

*Tomorrow Troma Chop Hop @ Supreme Trading, FREE, 10-11 bar (flyer)

*Tomorrow Open bar / hors d'eouvres @ Café Deville, 10pm-1am, FREE
Tomorrow Motor Inn Halloween @ Capone’s, FREE (flyer)

*Fri 10.28 Dresden Dolls + Devotchka @ Webster Hall, 7pm, $20
Fri 10.28 The Double + Enon @ Irving Plaza, 8pm, $13
Fri 10.28 Swedepop @ Happy Valley, 11pm, RSVP (flyer)

Fri 10.28 Motherfucker @ Roxy, $15 w/
Fri 10.28 Hot Fuckin’ Pink @ Scenic, FREE (flyer)

Fri 10.28 Dirty Down @ Lit, FREE, 12-1 bar
Fri 10.28 Glamm [Lezzie] Halloween @ Stitch, $5 til 12, ladies only (see flyer)

Sat 10.29 Measles Mumps Rubella @ Kingsland Tavern, 8pm, $8
Sat 10.29 Oxford Collapse @ Cake Shop, 9pm, $6
Sat 10.29 Looker @
Pianos, 10:30pm, $8
Sat 10.29 The Warriors Halloween @ Supreme Trading, $10 w/RSVP
Sat 10.29 Misshapes @ Luke + Leroy, FREE (flyer)

Sun 10.30 Tom Morello @ Southpaw, 8pm, $12
Sun 10.30 Les Sans Culottes @ Tonic, 8pm, tba
*Sun 10.30
Shout Hallows Eve @ Bar 13, 10pm, FREE, Sparks 10-12

Sun 10.30 Nightmare Before Halloween @ Fat Baby, RSVP (flyer)

Sun 10.30 Monsters Ball @ My Moon, $10 (flyer)

Mon 10.31 Fischerspooner @ Irving Plaza, 8pm, $30
Tue 11.1 Salman Rushdie @ Queens College Music Building, 7pm, $10
Tue 11.1 Veruca Salt + Lovemakers @ Canal Room, 7:30pm, $15 adv
Tue 11.1
Day Of The Dead With Black Sabbath @ Monkeytown, 7:30pm, FREE
Wed 11.2 Dirty Projectors @ Glasshouse, 8pm, $7
Wed 11.2 The Like @ Pianos, 10:30am, $8 adv

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