Thursday, October 27, 2005

The History Of Merlin Bronques - Part I

A renegade hoodrat at last night's Shindig event jumped up, snatched Last Night's Party shutterbug Merlin Bronques' trademark wig, then ducked and bolted like he was in a heist, hood down and all. For several seconds, Merlin's shaved head and remarkable bone structure was exposed, and he suddenly looked approachable, non-threatening, and even kind of - well, good. Attractive, even. Caught off guard, neither I nor my cohorts took a picture, but I was inspired.

I've known for a while that Merlin had a brief career in music. Today I followed up with my anonymous source - let's call her BestBangsForYourBuck. Ladies and gents, may I present to you: MERLIN!!

Not to be confused with a 90's death metal band of the same name, Merlin was an alternative musician who sited such influences as Beck, Nirvana, Prince, and - ah, the poetry - Lenny Kravitz. , he released such classics as A Noise Supreme (1994), Merlin's Arcade (1995), Cool Chicks and Other Babes (as "ma.", 1996), Viddy Well, Little Brother (1996), and Merlin's Milkbar Stereo (2001). Apparently, he had a deal with MCA for several years.

I've just purchased one of his CD's on eBay, and my expectations are sky-high. More info and maybe mp3's to follow! Holy shitzu!

Redefining sexuality for a new generation,

Lady Guinivere Brooquelyn


Anonymous said...

Merlin Rocks! Been listening to Milkbar Stereo for years!!!

jennd said...

M.Mond├ęsir is from Aylmer, QC, a small town near Ottawa. He's been a musician all his life. The photography is new! He's really a very nice boy.