Monday, November 28, 2005

All In One Breath...

So yeah: Kim’s gone. Am I even going to watch this week…? I mean, what’s the point? No more bitch fights with Bre – except that Nicole is still around. No more lezzie action – except that Nik is a big ol’ dyke (more on that below). No more gender issues – besides that Jayla looks like a unisexual prehistoric one-celled organism. So I guess all that’s really missing is Kim herself – her wit, her sarcasm, her groundedness, her ability to speak in full sentences. And her pedigree. Sigh.

And now:
The Week In Kim!
Speaking of pedigree: yes, that was Balenciaga she had on at the Out 100 Awards (thanks David!) Here’s the same li’l number on Gemma

Check out an interview with our Venus in the New York Post.

Here’s an AfterEllen interview with Ms. Sarah Rhoades of “1 down, 11 to go” fame, in which she clarifies that she and Kim were on the same page, that the guy on the phone wasn’t her boyfriend, and that she’s not gay. Or, rather: “I don’t consider myself bisexual or a lesbian…I really don’t know what constitutes being considered one or the other…Kim’s the only person I’ve ever had feelings for, I guess, in that sense.” You’re not alone, Sarah! This girl should go to Wesleyan…

The internet has been abuzz with rumors that Nik is involved with the woman pictured below, since they appeared together last week at the Beauty In A Blink fashion show – thus proving that ANTM is gayer than RENT (pics from awesome hip-hop themed photo blog
Sandra Rose).

I'm too tired / lazy to recap the episode with pictures, but basically Bre accused Nicole of stealing her shit when Jayla the Lizard was clearly the guilty party, Kim intervened on Nicole's behalf following a bizarre wrestling incident with Bre, Bre flipped out further and dropped some ghetto wizdom about Kim having an ugly personality that God doesn't like, the girls learned the valuable model's skill of pigeon wrangling with a straight face, then dressed up as paintings for the shoot, Kim bought her jewelry from the shoot and wore it to eliminations, much to the judges' delight, but was eliminated for inconsistancy after Bre cried her li'l beady eyes out and was berated for being a little bitch. For a full, hilarious, consistant recap of the episode, go to FourFour - even though he inexplicably likes Bre.

Bitch, you stole my alarm clock,


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