Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Some crazy MGMT fans (in Alabama?) made a video for “Love Always Remains” off the recent Time To Pretend EP. It appears to feature a priest in prayer, being harangued by a stoned bunny-demon. Whatever it is, it’s amazing.

The Totes kids recently shouted out to their new favorite play Dog Meets God, which manages to combine Buffy, Peanuts, and teen drama. Speaking of potent combos, The Prestige will without a doubt prove to be my new favorite movie: it stars David Bowie as Nikola Tesla in a blood feud with Michael Caine as a magician, with the added boner bonus of Christian Bale, all directed by Batman Begins and Memento master baker Christopher Nolan. Down the hatch! (

Though the Sexy Magazines have apparently broken up, they are set to play next Wednesday’s Shindig event under the slightly-meta pseudonym, the Ex-y Magazines. Urrr....They will share a bill with Enon and Saints & Lovers.

Apparently two people I know write for Gawker. What the hell, Schneier? What the hell, Carmichael? Or should I say, what the hell Yale and Harvard? Especially Harvard – who also writes for Paper and Nylon? Where have I been? Fucking ivies…

Quickies:…..Ricky Martin is a pervert, unless you’re into golden showers and having your ears
pulled…..Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Warddrobe comes out in two weeks!! Watch the clip just released of the final battle – and look at all the animals!..…Shitparade shouted out in Brooklyn VeganWe Are Scientists are blowing the fuck up – their latest record, With Love & Squalor, has officially conquered the UK airwaves, and the band are rumored to be Artist of the Month in the next issue of SPIN.

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Max said...

The always dope Hugh Jackman is in that movie as well. I might read the book on which it is based. Looks good.