Monday, November 14, 2005

Event List 11.14.05

Some quickies:...The nightlife issue of PAPER is so hilarious. I bored several acquaintances going through the backstories of all the people in the fashion shoot ("...and she used to go to Barnard, and he does door at some parties and deals coke on the side, and...")...the full winners list of the 11.6 PAPER Nightlife Awards are here - Misshapes won Best New Party, Maritime Hotel won Best Hotel With A Nightlife Scene (not the Houston St. by-the-hour HoJo's?), Spencer Product won Best New (?!) DJ...because I was mostly Sparksed up this weekend, I forget the details, but someone said that I post every show I know on this blog. Not the case; I leave that to OhMyRockness. Nay, I post only shows that I would consider attending...I'm sick of going out and I'm sick of New York, so the obvious conclusion is: here's the Event List. Does anyone use this thing?

Today Downtown For Dinner @ various, $20.05 prix fix
Today National Book Award Reading @ New School, 7pm, $10
Today Fader Party @ Kodak One, 7pm, FREE w/RSVP (flyer)

Today Giant Tuesday Night OAIAATIAG! @ Rififi, 8pm, FREE
Today Wal Mart: The High Cost of Low Price @ Pete’s Candy Store, 9pm, FREE
Today We Bite! @ Happy Ending, FREE

Tomorrow Dirt Reynolds Opening @ Metalstone Gallery, 7pm, FREE (flyer)

Tomorrow ANTM @ UPN, 8pm
Tomorrow Oxford Collapse @ Northsix, 8pm, $8
*Tomorrow The Sounds + Cheeseburger @ Joe’s Pub, 11pm, FREE
Tomorrow The Ad-Lib @ Sway, FREE
Tomorrow Bang! w/ Captain @ China 1, FREE (flyer)

Tomorrow Bust! @ Boys Room, FREE

Thu 11.17 Fashion For Action @ Housing Works, all day, FREE (flyer)

*Thu 11.17 Jimmy’Z Opening @ Manhattan Mall, 6pm, food/bar, RSVP (flyer)

Thu 11.17 Unisex Salon + Ezra Reich @ Pianos, 7;30pm, $8
Thu 11.17 Neko Case @ Joe’s Pub, 7:30 / 9:30 pm, $20
Thu 11.17 Elf Power + King Of France @ Knitting Factory, 8pm, $10 adv
Thu 11.17 Dead Kennedys @ Irving Plaza, 8pm, $18.50
Thu 11.17 The Sounds @ Hiro Ballroom, 9pm, $17 (flyer)

*Fri 11.18 Beautiful Decay Party @ Happy Valley, 9pm, $5 (flyer)

*Fri 11.18 Underrated Mag Party @ Crash Mansion, 9pm, FREE (flyer)

Fri 11.18 Night Time w/ Love Is All @ Don Hill’s, $5 (flyer)

Fri 11.18 Fight Cats Homecoming @ Morrissey Park, FREE (flyer)

*Fri 11.18 Dirty Down w/ Princess Superstar @ Lit, FREE (flyer)

Fri 11.18 Baltimore Club Crack @ Luke + Leroy, FREE (flyer)

Sat 11.19 Bravo Silva + Les Sans Culottes @ Syrup Room, 9pm, $5 (flyer)

*Sat 11.19 Stylofone @ 169 Bar, 10pm, FREE(?)
*Sat 11.19 Cool'Eh Issue Release @ Libation, 10pm, FREE w/RSVP (flyer)

Sat 11.19 Chicks On Speed @ Knitting Factory, 11:55pm, $20
*Sat 11.19 Rubulad feat. The Dansettes @ 338 Flushing Ave, Bkln, FREE?

Sat 11.19 Misshapes @ Luke + Leroy, FREE
Sun 11.20 Turkey Hunt @ Union Sq. South, 12pm, $5
Sun 11.20 Animal Collective + Excepter @ Webster Hall, 8pm, $18 adv
Sun 11.20 Giant Drag @ Pianos, 9:30pm, $8
Sun 11.20 American Analog Set @ Mercury Lounge, 10pm, $12 adv
*Mon 11.21 Maxi Geil! & Playcolt + Japanther @ Bowery Ballroom, 8pm, $15
*Tue 11.22 Standing Nudes @ Pianos, 7:30pm, $8
Wed 11.23 LCD Soundsystem @ Nokia Theatre Times Sq, 9pm, $20

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