Monday, November 21, 2005

Fem-C's All Around

The question on everyone’s mind right now is, or should be: Is 50 Cent totally gay? First he announces plans to launch a book publishing company called G-Unit Books (reading = gay), then he releases a single called “Window Shopper” (shopping = gay), the video for which takes place in Monaco (Europe = gay), and now he’s set to appear in GQ like this:

Conclusion: Fiddy is as gay as
Paris Hilton playing a violin. No wonder he hasn’t worked with Snoop (not gay).

Pandora, by the Music Genome Project, creates a radio stream based on your favorite artists and your continuous feedback. When you don’t like a song, it says “Sorry about that. We’ll try something else, and we’ll never play that song again on this station.” It is the politest radio station ever, a great resource for new music, and it is awesome. For the most part it has been spot on, with surprising range – David Byrne, Devendra Banhart, Duran Duran, and El Pus – a group that combines rock and hip hop well, like if Linkin Park had hip hop roots and talent. Occasionally it slips up on Natalie Imbruglia and “Cynthia”. Here are some of the better tracks suggested:
Dani Siciliano – ‘Walk The Line
High Contrast – ‘Angels & Fly’ (feat. Nolay) (streaming)
Medasyn, Frost P, Zuz Rock, Lady Sovereign, Shystie – ‘The Battle’ (streaming)
No Lay – ‘Unorthodox Daughter
Shystie – ‘Step Back

…..If you like potted meat, you’ll like
The Potted Meat Museum…..Stream the new Ryan Adams record, 29…..The Hyundai MP280 perfume phone comes with a scent-refiller syringe – which begs, why not eliminate the middleman and inject perfume directly into your neck?


Anonymous said...

what is that around 50's neck?

Andrea said...

There is some debate about that. Snake? Leather strap?