Monday, November 28, 2005


HOLY SHITZU. The video for MGMT’s “Destrokk” has just been released! And it is amazing. AMAZING. Directed by artist / man about town / tortured genius / quite cheerful genius John Miserendino, it follows the noxious inner life of a hipster as he destroys his body with drugs, booze, and high levels of cholesterol! And there are puppets. And a gritty, electro-rock soundtrack. Instant classic!

MGMT – ‘Destrokk’ (album: Time To Pretend; dir. John Miserendino)

Wowzers! Also, here’s a
question that some of my devoted readers might want to ask themselves.

A resounding Yes!

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guava said...

sweet ass. that shit is funny. and good.