Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Help Us Help You

Dear Beautiful Friends -

You read this thing, right? You enjoy it, kind of. It occupies your time comfortably. You have a big, secret crush on me - or at least on Max. Everyone has a crush on Max.

So - don't we deserve an award? Of course we do! Run along and nominate us for the Urban Blogging Awards (the Urbs).

Elligable? Hell yes - we're so urban it hurts - not one, but TWO cities. We're bi-coastal, bi-polar, and most importantly, biennial. And we always have an open Svedka and Sparks bar from 10-11pm. Come on, folks, it's almost Christmas.

And: if you don't think we deserve an award, well - pretend we're these guys. Because nothing deserves an award like three guys jamming out the Mario Bros. theme in full costume, with props. Wow?

Three trophies for the cheat,


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