Monday, December 19, 2005

Event list 12.19.05

*Ed. Note: If you are going out tonight, you're out of your mind.

Everyone’s in town to celebrate Christ’s birth – or to wage a full-out war on him, his dumb family, and anyone who likes him. Since I don’t watch the news, I’m not sure what all this hype about the War on Christmas is about, but I’d like President Bush and his cabinet to know that I fully support the military effort. If we can seek out and kill whoever decided to combine all the holidays into hair-brained compound words like Christmakwanzukah, icing on the cake. Meanwhile, Silver Jews tickets for the Webster Hall 3.17 show are on sale now, and the Pixies live double CD Hey – Live Pixies has been released exclusively on eMusic (nice win, Yancey). I plan to download it tonight.

QUICKIE: on 12.2 Fat Baby was raided during the LEVY / Loose Records party, as was Tonic, Scenic, and Rothko…I can’t believe I missed Morrisey Park’s closing party on Saturday, and more to the point, I can’t believe Morrisey Park is closing. Where will I be when downtown New York becomes a suburb of the financial district?

The answer is, wherever there are Asterixes – that is if I can get my ass out of Brooklyn and the TWU doesn’t strike…

6 Guys, 6 Bands, 20 Mins @ Tommy’s Tavern, 8pm, $5
*Today SPIN Year In Music @
Rothko, 8pm, invite only
Today So Jewtastic @ VH1, 9pm, FREE
Today The Burning @ Rififi, 10pm, FREE (flyer)
Today Unholyoke @ Pianos, 10pm, FREE (flyer)

Today Retail Mafia @ Sway, 10pm, FREE (flyer)

Today secret show @
Cake-Shop (anyone?)

Tomorrow Cheeseburger @
Delancey, 8pm, $5
Tomorrow We Bite @
Happy Ending, FREE

Wed 12.21 John Waters Xmas @
Bowery, 8pm, $35 adv
Wed 12.21 Death Disco @ Delancey, 8pm, FREE
Wed 12.21 Polaroid Party @ American Apparel Wburg, FREE, bar 8-11pm

Wed 12.21 Spank Rock @ Luke + Leroy, 9pm, FREE (flyer)

Wed 12.21 Mass Appeal @ 6's & 8's, FREE w/password: Joanne Carolino (flyer)
Wed 12.21 The Ad Lib @ Sway, FREE
Thu 12.22 Spinto Band @ Southpaw, 8pm, $10
*Fri 12.23
Paris v. Pamela @ Monkeytown, 7:30 / 10pm, $8
Fri 12.23 Ben LaVain @
Pianos, 9:30pm, $8
Sat 12.24
What I Like About Jew @ Knitting Factory, 7/9pm, $18 adv
Sat 12.24 Balkan Beat Box @
Southpaw, 8pm, $15 adv (flyer)

Sat 12.24
Heebonism @ Happy Valley, 9pm, $20
Sat 12.24 Christmas Eve @ China 1, 6pm, FREE (flyer)

*Sun 12.25
Funny Girl + Chinese @ Pioneer Theater, 4pm, $20
Mon 12.26
“& The” Double Feature @ Pioneer, 6:30pm, $13
Mon 12.26 Eugene Mirman DJ Party @ Scenic, 10pm, FREE

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