Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Strike Two!

Dedicated reader, I was supposed to give you a second day of Shit List yesterday, but I got distracted by an hour-and-a-half 4.4 mile hike from Park Slope to Chinatown (if you want proof, click here!). So to make up for my ADD ways, you get two delicious Shit List DO's today, and only one disgusting, coal-flavored DON'T. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a recap of what Shit List means to me:

The "Shit List" is a running series of lists of shit that win our affection, with comprable shit that does not. The First Shit List, in celebration of Christ's birth, is a list of shit we want in our Christmas sock, interspersed with shit we seriously do not fucking want. And without further ado, allow me to present the presents:

The Twelve Days Of

On the second day of Shit List my true love gave to me...

2 Beacon's Closets!
Ah, guilt-free consumption, how I love thee. You allow me to indulge my taste for haute couture, Gap sweater vests, and the purchase of stylishly dead animals, without a thought for the poor little furries who make up my coat, or the poor little children who made it. Now, national thrift chain Buffalo Exchange has opened its doors on Driggs and N9th in Williamsburg, to give guilt-free mecca Beacon’s Closet a run for it’s marked-down money (dress at left from BE's online store, $35) Great place to buy a pretty little something for your favorite blogger…or me.

Employee Benefits (for you and for me)
And on the guilt-free theme: Just in time for the holidays, sell your body to get a job at American Apparel! Then share your discount with me. Do you understand what the employee discount is? Do you?! Help me replenish my supply of total basics, like lamé hot shorts and spandex unitards (my black one is great, but I need one in “asphalt”).

Instead of...

Employment Evidence
Don’t re-gift your office swag. I’ve barely even worn slogan shirts in my life, let alone the HBO logo. Exceptions: if you work in the military, I’ll take purple hearts and weaponry. If you work at a fashion magazine, Cornerstone, Flavorpill, or another publication, promotions agency, or “young creative” firm, you’ve got some nice books, box sets, clothes, promo packs and samples of things lying around. In that case, use your judgment – you’re a tastemaker, after all.

And there it is. Look forward to the other Twelve Days of Shitlist over the next, um....The next 10 days. And look forward to my insight on the SPIN Holiday party and other delights shortly. And buy me something good at Buffalo Exchange. Walking shoes, preferably.

Staying true to the TWU,


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