Monday, January 30, 2006

Can't Stop Won't Stop

So, ANTM is way over, but I couldn't resist posting this photo of our ghetto-fab Lisa way back when:

According to a certain shutterbug named ERay, it was taken as a demo for a class he TAed for American photographer (and voice of the mother in Psycho) Paul Jasmin. Models got to keep their prints for their portfolios, but were not paid. Quoth Eray: "From what I can remember she was nothing but nice and cooperative through the shoot. She was, however, most certainly fierce. On a side note, the photography on top model makes me want to cut myself...I've seen much more impressive work in Maxim. Really: we're going to bury you in a coffin, and then you're going to be a superhero flying through an alley...and then we're going to make you cry. I hope Lisa takes that work out of her book if she hasn't already."

And speaking of fashion, Rebecca Turbow goes mainstream(ish).

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