Sunday, January 29, 2006

Movies = YES.

Snoop Dogg plays a semi-racist social activist writer = YES. The Tenants Trailer is here.

The Devil & Daniel Johnston will be in theaters March 31. I've had the good fortune to be able to screen it in advance. Review coming soon.

All the new(ish) skits at
Pretty Thingsss = YES.
Last year, Max told me about Michael Lucid and Amanda Barrett's amazing two-person comedy troupe - occasionally joined by Abby Dewald, Amanda's fellow Ditty Bop. All three performers are total gays, and use their utter gayness to comedic effect, and a lot of the time use other things to comedic effect also. Wes students should watch
"Special Assembly" and "Fringe Theater Showcase" (now in the archive). Other highlights include "Popcorn", a series of shorts about an indie movie theater, "Mulberry Commons", about a weird new age school with a psychotic vaguely European headmistress, and "Hollywood Party", which I don't totally get because I've never been to Hollywood, but it has jokes about bulimia.



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Max said...

you'll get hollywood party after this weekend.
except.... i'm gonna be in santa barbara all weekend, as my film is playing in the film festival. so I'm gonna miss the big awesome show and the little awesome you. fuck.