Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chosen, But By Whom?

UPDATE: My cigarette story (below) is on Gawker! Big on the internet...~Andrea

Last Thursday, a pack of Marlboro Lights literally fell out of the sky and landed next to me on the corner of 39th and Park, a block away from my job. I assumed it had fallen out of a window or a ledge, or been tossed out of a car by mistake, though what kind of smoker would accidentally discard an almost-full pack of cigarettes, I have no idea. Either way, it struck me as a good story, and inspired me to give away as many of the cigarettes as I could to cold and desperate smokers when I went out that night.

On Saturday, I found another pack of Marlboro Lights in the crosswalk on 24th and 10th. Finding a second almost-full pack of cigarettes in three days seemed weird; finding two packs of the same brand seemed kind of uncanny.

This morning, I found a third pack of cigarettes, this one full with the plastic on, on 93rd and Broadway. This is a pack of Merit Lights; not the same brand, but still a Philip Morris company.

Either Philip Morris is working with Cornerstone or God wants me to die of cancer,

Jewish paranoiac


Shadow said...

you made laugh hard!!!!
keep reporting oh lucky one.

Joe John said...


Avi Flombaum said...

They should've linked to your post in Gawker, it would've brought like a lot of traffic here and such. See if you can email them to put a link to your post on the Gawker site, I mean you probably aren't as petty as I and might think that would be rude. Anyway, way to enter the internet's glittarati.

Anonymous said...

It is a anti-smoking fanatic planting poison cigs.