Thursday, January 19, 2006

Free Publicity For The Phil-Mo

Gawker follows up my cigarettes-falling-from-the-sky story: apparently, someone found a full pack of Marlboro lights outside Mercury Lounge at 4:30am this morning. What the hell is up?? Above, a picture of the found cigs in a pile on my desk at work, which prompted a concerned coworker to let me know, with an uneasy glance towards my death pile, that I "really shouldn't do...that." Um, yes I should - God wants me to.

Maybe this is a way to get past those pesky no-selling-to-minors law?


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fair traffic share said...

funny how you link gawker, but they refer to you as a "tipster" and won't even link you.
Very nice from Lockhart, ain't it?