Friday, January 20, 2006

Cig Saga, Pencil Power, and I Ain't No Pitchfork

Over at Gawker, they've got more stories coming in about found cigarettes. First I find three packs in a week, then some dude finds a pack outside the Merc, and now some guy on Delancey finds 'em. Sick! I tend to agree with the Al Qaeda theory - but why smokers, Osama? Don't they hurt themselves enough?

In other news, Quidnuncadunk, our inside girl at BET, reports on the pencil brand of choice in black entertainment. I kid you not.

And finally: my friend Nate has been bothering me for two weeks about this Philly band Man Man. "God," I thought. "Why won't Nate stop bothering me? Stupid Philly. Stupid man. Stupid other man." Well, oops. Turns out they're great. Listen to the tracks below, especially country-caberet rock ditty "Van Helsing Boombox", which sounds like what would happen if Devotchka had to play a saloon in the old west. What? Just listen. These are all off their 2004 LP The Man in a Blue Turban With a Face. Then go see them on 1/27 at Cake Shop. [thanks MyOldKYHome]

Smoothest writing pencil - guaranteed!


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Amanda said...

If you give me a pack of the Marlboro Lights I'll give you some black warrior pencils.