Friday, February 10, 2006

Fashion Week Cuteness!

Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? ANTM Nicole Linkletter is at New York's Olympus Fashion Week! Awwww. It's like she thinks she's a real model!

Just kidding - you know I'm
weirdly obsessed with Linky - but you have to admit, ANTM's have a history of flashing in the pan before they disappear into obscurity (or worse) just in time for >next season to start (better start hiding, Linkster…).

Anyway, Linky made an appearance at the tents on Feb 3...

...did a costume change more befitting the tropical climes and garden party atmosphere of New York in February...

Straight outta Stepford!

...then came back on the 5th for the
Edun showcase with her upscale orthopedics...

...wore her trophy squirrel pelts as a show of power to seamster Alvin Valley

Slipped into her hipster hair for the Heatherette hoe we detect a hint of ennui?

…and finally succumbs to the stress by getting sauced at the Carmen Marc Valvo afterparty.

Cute little stumblebum!

And don't let's forget our little Lady K, who hit the tents on Feb 6. Hmm, lemme guess - Marc Jacobs?

And by the way, my office is in midtown, so I walk past Bryant Park every morning and see the slim tallsters lounge around and buy ice coffee before they resume the FashWeek hustle. You've heard girls bitch about how models are so young and that's why they're so skinny, but it's different when you see it in real life. Those models are 15, and they're dressed like this. And I just said "my office".

My mission in life is to have a press pass,


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Anonymous said...

loved the update on Linky and the other ANTM winners.
I also love how you call your comments self affirmations....