Saturday, February 11, 2006

Yeah, Bang It Bitch!

Valentine's Day is in a couple days, and nothing says eternal love like some good, old-fashioned four-on-the-floor booty dropping. As it happens, I've heard some sweet booty-dropping tunes recently; get ready to show off some a$$ cleavage.

This is the cover art for Spank Rock's 12" single! Pun intended.

1. Nelly Furtado - "Promiscuous Girl (feat. Timbaland)"
It snowed, so I can't leave Brooklyn, but I've been dancing to this all day, in my room, by myself, while I vacuum. It's very chick flick of me, but you'll see why when you hear it. I don't know when Nelly Furtado went all Kelis on us and stopped examining her soul, but good on her, because this song BUMPS. (get email updates on upcoming release Loose)

2. Lady Sovereign - "Public Warning" This song made me realize Lady S is a real MC, instead of a pop act propped up by production. Honestly, it's way more exciting live than it is on a polished recording - but if you have any doubt about SOV's rhyming skillz, check out the verse she does quadruple time!
(BUY Vertically Challenged EP)

3. Spank Rock - "Put That Pussy On Me" Apparently these guys played at Eclectic. I like any song that uses the word pussy in this fashion.
(BUY limited Put That Pussy On Me 12")

4. Spank Rock - "Backyard Betty" Bob Hammond sent the two Spank Rock songs out in an email, and I assumed it was some unlistenable obscure alt-hip hop. Nope! This beat is ridiculous. It sounds like it samples Echo the Dolphin. And he says pussy again!
(BUY limited Backyard Betty 12")

5. DJ Ayres - "Broke Ass Home (Baltimore Club)" If you ain't got no money, take your broke ass home! This makes me want to hump all the inanimate objects within ten feet!
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6. Kano - "Get Set (feat. Ghetto, Big Seac, Demon & Doctor)" Vice made this track, off their new Run the Road grime compilation, available to bloggers early to whet the hipster population's appetite. It worked! This song makes you feel like a total like, tuff geezer. Huh? (BUY Run The Road Volume 2)

If your ass isn't tired yet, get a load of this: though I haven't seen it confirmed in any reliable sources yet, industry blogs and gossip mags say that a Universal press release went out announcing that Prince will hide a limited number of Willy Wonkesque "Purple Tickets" in his upcoming record, 3121, the finders of which will be flown to his Minneapolis hideaway for an intimate in-house performance.

She must be one of those rapper's girlfriends,


[Thanks Totes for the "BUY" idea, Bob, rebeljukebox, cadenceweapon, vice]


Joe John said...

My favorite line from the new Prince song is "I'll have you screamin' like a white lady."

Spank Rock came to Eclectic and I decided not to go for some reason. I was talking to a friend about it in my Monkey class and was about to say that I wasn't sure if I liked Spank Rock when this one kid did a complete 180 degree turn in his seat and was like, "NO, IT'S GONNA BE GOOD." And that was essentially the end of our conversation.

Now I wish that I went.

masterorb said...

How much you wanna bet some idiot is going to win that ticket and try and challenge Prince to a basketball game?

dave said...

i'm shocked you're so late to the game on Spank Rock; who knew Nelly had it in her?

thanks, this fills the holes in my mix tape. pun intended.

Bob said...

"i'm shocked you're so late to the game on spank rock."
they haven't even released a full-length yet, this dave dude is splittin' hairs.

regardless, thanks for the link, though ye ole rebel jukebox will soon (next week) be replaced by the trust fund, a bob hammond / sam ubl blog-joint. peep that shit.