Tuesday, March 28, 2006

GAWKER Does It's Homework, Forgets It At Home

Hahahahahaha. OK, first look at the correction in this:

"Spin" Keeps Shedding Staff [GAWKER, 3/27/06]

An understandable mistake and touching apology, until you look at the contributors to this:

Looking at the Look Book [GAWKER, 5/15/05]

How far they have fallen since May of last year. Reporting is one thing, but like - they have the girl's email address. Nothing like getting it wrong when you've already gotten it right; not quite irony, but Alanis would say it is, and Alanis is never wrong. That said, Gawker is Gawker, and since I want to write Looking at the Lookbook again next month, let me just say - Gawker is undeniably the best in its field, whatever that field is, the loveable little scamp. Hear that, Alexis? The very best!

I can't stay mad at you,


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