Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where you from kid? Park Slope!!

Last night I walked through Park Slope, and came upon a Mysterious Police Action. 7th Avenue was cordonned off between 15th and 16th streets, and there were around five squad cars and a SWAT truck parked next to Brawta Outpost. I can't find any reports on the action in the Post's NYPD blotter, so here are my speculations:

Illegal sports gambling ring bust?
Quaratined case of bacterial meningitis?

Conclusion: SHOOTOUT! According to WABC:

...an off-duty lieutenant and a sergeant, pulled up on an attempted robbery at 16th Street and Seventh Avenue just after midnight. They attempted to stop the robbery, and the suspects opened fire. The two officers returned fire, and the suspects fled on foot. The officers called for backup and were able to catch up with the suspects several blocks away at Prospect Park West and 15th Street. [WATCH EYEWITNESS NEWS VIDEO]

Gangster! Apparently the initial robbery vicitim and lietuenant went unharmed, while the sergeant went to Methodist Hosptial for chest pains. Maybe PSlope is ghetting back to its roots. One can only hope! To cap off this post, I leave you with a hip hop anthem about my hood's crack-slinging past and lesbo gentrification, by Park Slope native Pumpkinhead:

Pumpkinhead - Park Slope [mp3]

Fools that don't rep this shit? They straight counterfeit,


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Anonymous said...

Woa, our hood is GANGSTA! love, jess