Thursday, April 27, 2006


The Chicago city council has outlawed foie gras! La civilisation meurt. N'est pas vrais! Queest-ce que le monde est devenu, quand on nous interdit de manger le foie engraissé d'une oie gavée? Les Américains sont des barbares! Merde-mangeurs! Woz eet not ze great Marcel Proust who opined: Chantez à l'âne, il vous fera des pêts! Sing to an ass, he will fart in your face!

Joe Moore, the sponsor of the ban, claims it proves that Chicagoans "uphold the value of a civilized society." Oh, look at Chicago - once the largest producer of meat products - putting on airs all of a sudden. And what do the champions of civilized society eat, may we ask? Ah, yes: of course.

Mayor Richard Daley, meanwhile, who's been known to tuck into some gras once in a while, was in such a state of shock that he responded with, "We have issues with children being killed." Indeed. I can tell you this much: Chicago is dead to Bruni.


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dormir said...

oh, let's not forget that avian flu still going about...wait, does that mean we're siting ducks until it hits the states?

huh uuhh hhhuuhhhuhhh