Thursday, April 27, 2006

So Adic-tive

Adidas has commissioned a bunch of directors to make short films about colors. This is the latest move in the (wildly successful?) Adicolor campaign, based around the reinterpretation of a plain white sneaker sold with weatherproof markers, originally released in 1983 - this time with a hefty pricetag.

Vice is hosting the commercials on the interNOT to celebrate the Adicolor Vice edition jacket. My favorites are Roman Coppola's Red, which Vice accurately compares to that funny "End of the World" flash short, and the creepy Bjork-meets-Swarovski short for pink directed by surreal art photographer / director Charlie White, which has this jappy girl turning into a totally hot and blinged out foetus to the uplifting aural stylings of Greg Weeks. The disappointments include the white one, starring Jenna Jameson as Pamela Anderson Lee in that Lit video, and the irritatingly nonsensical green one which involves green paintball and some annoying narrative. The blue one is OK, just in that it shows a bunch of recognizable parts of NYC - even though the music has a weird rap that sounds like it's from a fruit stripes ad (blue is you, blue is new, bibbity bobbity boo).

Watch them all at the Vice Adicolor site


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