Friday, April 21, 2006

After I Graduate I Just Want To Travel

And speaking of summer tours...could the Roskilde Festival be any better? Yes, if it weren't $230. But other than that, it's flawless.. Besides Animal Collective, Arctic Monkeys, Balkan Beat Box, CYHSY, George Clinton (wooooah!), Death Cab, Diplo, Bob Dylan (listed on the site as "Bob Dylan - One of the most important songwriters"), Editors, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, GUNS N' ROSES (maybe), Lady Sovereign (swoon), Jenny Lewis, Kaiser Chiefs, Matisyahu, Morrissey, The Raconteurs, Serena-Maneesh, Sigur Ros, Silver Jews, The Streets, The Strokes, Rufus Wainwright, Roger Waters performing THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (what?!), Kanye West, Why?, and not one but TWO Wolf bands (Wolfkin, Wolfmother) - whimsically listed for you here in alphabetical order - they also have a "Humanitarian Focus" i.e. a charitable cause which is supported by proceeds. Who can argue with fighting child slavery in Cambodia? I probably can, but I won't, because I want to impress Jenny Lewis! See?! Also, the World Cup will play on a 40 square meter (that's 130 feet, plebes) screen, so you get to watch a bunch of crazy Europeans drink until they vomit every time they try to talk and eventually beat the holy ghost out of each other because of soccer! Holy shit! As if that weren't reason enough, this all takes place in Denmark, which means big fat Vikings running around half naked with funny helmets! Plus, 60+ year olds get in free, so expect tons of embarassing hippies at the Dylan and Roger Waters sets!

For the full lineup and news, go to the Roskilde Official Site. It's worth it just for their cute little summaries of each artist (Matisyahu is "Sublime flow dressed in an Orthodox Jewish outfit", and the Editors are "Gloomy rock drama" - haha).

If you go, try to remember that you're in Denmark, not the Netherlands, and that these people are Danish, not Dutch, and thus drugs are illegal, not legal, and you will get arrested if you walk around brazenly sparking doobs. Plus, take me with you!

Dude, we should totally go Amsterdam after this,



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Max said...

I guess I'll do a Coachella report? We've got 2 wolf bands too (but I've seen both and might not see either in the desert...), so there.

Andrea said...

totes do a Coachella report, if only to make me jealous