Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who else seen a leprechaun say YEEEAHH!

How YouTube is slowly melting my brain:

Wes Anderson's (pretty great) American Express Ad

The most hardcore televangelist you've ever seen
("Repeat after me, bitch: I come in the name of Jesus and the holy spirit!" - all set to "One Nation Under A Groove") [THANKS NICHOLAS]

Best Village People video you've never seen

A racially-charged news segment about a leprechaun in Alabama.

The precursor to Eminem - Average Homeboy
("For enjoyment I like to shoot some hoops / but not until I eat all my Froot Loops" - all set to a keyboard demo beat)

Come on, let your fingers do the walking,



Anonymous said...

These are fantastic, I just proved to myself that I can watch and love anything Wes Anderson produces!

Anonymous said...

average homeboy is one of those videos that is so bad you hope to god it's really joke. It looks like AH did hours and hours of work on the edits though..

Joe John said...

Did you watch Black.White? They totally bit off of "Average Homeboy".

Leprechaun said...

hahahah even better

haha and then this guy is making his way around now too
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