Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DO IT - 04.18.06

"Event List" sounds like a boring graph, so now this is called DO IT, which sounds like kind of dirty and cool. DO IT.
OK, so some people have asked me how I choose which events go into this, since it seems like a random selection of goings on - concerts, openings, parties, etc. The answer is: I choose what to put on here by asking myself, "Would I go to that?" And if the answer is "Yes", it's in. So sometimes I may leave out a show by your favorite band, because I don't like them; or sometimes, I'll put in a band or a play that I haven't seen, but would see anyways out of curiosity. And sometimes I'll include events I'd attend if I could afford it. Also, I tend to be partial towards events with free drinks, and even more partial to events with free FOOD. Man, do I like free food. Especially hors d'ouevres. Oh my heck. When I link the event name - "Bent Fest opens" or "Diamond Nights" - that means I've linked it to page that has detailed info on the event. When I link a venue name, that usually means I'm linking to a venue site, or a site that lists the venue's address. Linked prices connect to ticket vendors, and all small flyers are linked to larger, more easily viewed jpgs. Finally, asterixes next to a listing mean I may show up. This handy guide will be posted on the toolbar for future reference.

If you'd like your event / flyer / whatever listed here, email it to me and we may put it in. Emailing an event does not guarantee that it will be listed. Cheers! ~Andrea PS The Bkln Underground film fest opening event is invite-only - tickets are available, however, to the opening night screening that follows the party, also at Brooklyn Lyceum.

Today Taco Tuesday @ Luke + Leroy, 7pm, FREE (flyer)

Bent Fest opens @ 15 Nassau St, 7pm, FREE
Today Looker @
Delancey, 7:30pm, $6
Diamond Nights @ Irving Plaza, 8:30pm, $17.50
*Today Slick Rick @ Canal Room, 10pm, FREE w/
RSVP (no +1’s)

*Today RES Mag Parties @ Movida/Luke + Leroy, FREE w/
RSVP (flyers)

Today Joanna’s Angels Party @ Happy Valley, 10:30pm, FREE (flyer)

Today Shindig Pre-party @ Black & White, 11pm, FREE
Today We Bite! / Shithammered @
Happy Ending, FREE

The Bicycle Thief @ Donnell Library Ctr, 2:30pm, FREE (flyer)

Bkln Undergrnd Film Fest Opens @ Bkln Lyceum, 6pm, FREE
Tomorrow Langhorne Slim @
Northsix, 8pm, $12
Shindig @ 60 Gansevoort, 9pm, $15 (flyer)

Tomorrow Bang! @ Beauty Bar, FREE (flyer)

Thu 4.20 Knife Skills @
Cake Shop, 8pm, $7
Thu 4.20 The Walkmen @ Skylight, 8pm, FREE w/
Thu 4.20
Saul Williams + Jean Grae @ Puck Building, 8pm, $20
Thu 4.20 Kaiju Big Battel @
Maxwell’s, 8:30pm, $8
Thu 4.20 Blues Traveler @
Rothko, 10pm, $15 adv
Thu 4.20 Ghostface Killah @ Toad’s Place, 8pm, $20 adv
Thu 4.20
Soulpusher @ Delancey, FREE
Thu 4.20 Guilty Pleasures @
Happy Ending, FREE
Fri 4.21
Joan Didion @ CUNY Graduate Center, 6pm, FREE
Fri 4.21 Mahi Mahi + Go Station @
Trash Bar, 9:30pm, $8
Fri 4.21 Country Club @
Sin-e, 12am, $10
Fri 4.21-Sat 4.22
Earth Day @ Grand Central, 11am, FREE

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