Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DO IT 6.28.06

Superman Returns just opened! I'm seeing it in Imax 3D on Saturday! Holy shit!!

Standing Nudes start their inevitable ascent on Thursday! Woah! If you haven't heard "When I Arrive" yet, you're missing something. Teeth, if we meet in a dark place. Listen to it! It's pretty, lush, psychy stuff. They only have the two recorded tracks on their site, sadly, but they have a whole bunch more that they jam on live.

Friday presents a neat bit of scheduling conflict for hipsters citywide. The Walkmen, or We Are Scientists? LD Section II, or My Best Fiend? TV on the Radio, or scrap the whole thing and see Joan Didion? Friday presents the same dilemma as a New York apartment hunt. TV on the Radio is like deep Brooklyn - it's far from everything else, but way cheaper. The Walkmen are Williamsburg; it seems kind of expensive, and is it getting too mainstream? We Are Scientists are the Lower East Side - yeah, you want to live there, who the fuck doesn't? LD Section II is like Staten Island; you feel like you should like it, but you've never actually been - and so on.

Speaking of hipsters citywide, who would be into a Hipster Jeopardy bar night someplace? With categories like Music, Self-loathing, and Fashion in the Abyss, or something? You know, Arri Up's 1981 band right after the Slits' final album. Who are the New Age Steppers? And so on. $5 to participate, the prize could be something from Kid Robot, a beej from Jake Shears, and a kick in the jaw. If you're down, I'll organize. Stay tuned for next week's Independence Weekend Special!

Wed 6.28 Sayonara Home Run! @ Giant Robot, 6pm, FREE (flyer)

Wed 6.28
Bonnie Raitt @ Summerstage, 7pm, $55
Wed 6.28 The Ark @
Bowery Ballroom, 8pm, $15
Wed 6.28 Northern Neighbors @ Hanger Bar, FREE (flyer)

Wed 6.28 A-Ron’s Whip It @ Stereo, FREE (flyer)

*Thu 6.29 Standing Nudes + Man Man + Fiery Furnaces @ Webster Hall, 6pm $20

Thu 6.29 Aperol Party @ Obivia, 7pm, FREE w/RSVP (bar 7-9pm)
Thu 6.29 We Are Scientists + Double @
Warsaw, 8pm, $13.50
Thu 6.29
The Passenger @ BAM, 6:50 / 9:15pm, $10
Thu 6.29 The Isles @ Sin-e, 10:30pm, $8 (flyer)

*Fri 6.30
TV on the Radio @ Prospect Park, 6:30pm, $3 suggested
Fri 6.30
Joan Didion @ Summerstage, 7:30pm, FREE
Fri 6.30 Open Salon Night @ AG Gallery, 7pm, FREE (flyer)

Fri 6.30
My Best Fiend @ Monkeytown, 7:30 / 10pm, $8
Fri 6.30
We Are Scientists + Double @ Irving Plaza, 8pm, $16.50
Fri 6.30 Walkmen @
Warsaw, 8pm, $20
Fri 6.30 LD Section II @ Bowery Ballroom, 9pm, $15
*Fri 6.30 Dirty Down @ Lit, FREE (flyer)

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