Friday, June 23, 2006

I Want My Kim TV

Yes, anonymous, it's true: Kimmie has made the crutial jump from UPN to MTV! Actually, to be specific, she has VJ duties on MTVU - MTV's college-student-focused network - hosting a show about new musical acts called "The Freshman", and also writing a blog on the network website. The only reason I haven't mentioned it unprompted is because she hasn't linked Shitparade on that joint - YET. Ahem. Bitch be blowin' up!

And, as a bonus - how about some pictures from her Elite portfolio? Click pics to see full size images.

Full MTV press release is after



~Mom bomb


shadow said...

you're on top of this girl huh

Anonymous said...

andrea, you a slut!

Freedom Fighter said...

Craziness all around. Long time listener, first time caller. Holla!

P.S. "Max" rules because he reps L.A.