Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Forget-Me-Nots! Rising Stars!

My dear and loyal reader, forgive me. Last week, I went to Alabama, and was so overwhelmed with fatigue -- drop-kicked by Crunk!!!, Red Bull, Red Celeste, No Fear, Pimp Juice, Superman SuperPower, Tab, MDX, and coffee -- that I could not write to you. But I did not forget. I could not forget you. Look at me. No, look at my eyes. I could not - and would not - forget you. OK?


OK. That said, props to Max for taking the reigns and being the best co-blogger ever. And now, to prove I love you, here's Paris Hilton's first single, which sounds almost exactly like No Doubt "Underneath It All", except that the chorus starts "Even though the gods are crazy," and it's Paris Hilton singing about eternal love:

Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind [mp3]

And: a brief and exciting report on the fashion world!

Guess who's getting work? (click the pic to see...)

That's right! Little Kimmy's all growed up, and was seen strutting her stuff at the Sprite Street Couture Showcase for Triple Five Soul, in front of the likes of Missy Elliott, Kanye West, Amerie, and Lydia Hearst. Guess that Elite contract's doin' her right...

Mea Culpa,



shadow said...

missed you Andrea. glad you're black!

Andrea said...

aaaw, thanks! I'm glad I'm black too!

Joe John said...

ANDREA...thank you for being the only blogger in the world to not compare Paris' single to L.A.M.B. On top of that, thank you for making the comparison to "Underneath It All".

Andrea said...

aaaw, you're welcome!