Friday, June 09, 2006

Lookin' For Love In A Trashcan

Looking for that special someone? Want to be on a reality show? Not willing to risk sacrificing your workaday sheep schedule in order to do either? ShitParade - and production team Bunim-Murray (Real World, Simple Life) is here for you. If you're a hopeless romantic, a player, a gamekiller, or a bunch of other fucking oppressive labels invented by the MTV gestapo aka THE MAN, Bunim-Murray is casting a new reality show, and you may finally be accepted for something.

In other news, Bunim-Murray is casting people to jump off the Empire State Building. Maybe you should do that too. Baaaaah.

Flagrant use of all-caps after the J U M P.

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Anonymous said...

andrea, you a slut!