Thursday, July 06, 2006


Yes, yes, yeah. I dropped the ball on the Independence Day Special. What's funny is I wrote it, but then didn't print it. Isn't that funny? But what would printing it accomplish? Sure, you may have gone to Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, or the DUMBO Block Party, or Belle & Sebastian, or the Gamelon / Bowie marathon, instead of sitting at home alone playing jacks and thinking about your lost childhood - but probably not. And I was too busy having fun to blog about it, anyway. Oops!

But fear not, dudes! A super sweet DO IT list is comin' your way for tonight and this weekend. Plus:

The inaugural, patriotic, Go Italy, Kill France, Happy Birthday To Me, first-ever
ShitParade contest!!

The good folks of Slap You In Public have given us two tickets to their sure-to-be-awesome rager aboard the good ship Frying Pan this Saturday. Chicago band Super Meego are some crazy moody catchy dancey indie electro situation; all I know is I can dance to it. NYC band Glorious Ninth, who sound pretty much like Phantom Planet. And you're invited!

Since this gives you a chance to get crunk on a boat, send an email to, and let us know the craziest place you've ever gotten blitzed - or where you'd want to throw back a few.

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