Thursday, July 06, 2006

Squeaky Deaky Makes Me Jump For Joy

Do you love your dog? Do you go beyond love for your little fluff muffin, and actually respect his or her tiny, adorable thoughts, and value his or her genius little opinion? Did you ever wonder what music your dog would listen to if he could be an iPod DJ? If so, ask yourself if your life is really worth living (let me know if you need a hint).Then, open your mind and your wallet to Laurel Canyon Animal Co's Pet CD's! Now you can get an insight into Scruffy and Twiddlebug's taste in music: lame. Your dog likes shitty music. Your dog is a poser. How does Laurel Canyon know what your dog likes? Um, because they asked. Obviously. Specifically, Kim Ogden, "a nationally known Intuitive Animal Communicator", asked. Besides Songs to Make Dogs Happy, Laurel Canyon offers Music From The Pink Dolphins - "a musical adventure directed and guided by the Dolphins themselves" - and Fine Animal Gorilla, with lyrics based on conversations with Koko the gorilla, who also "personally reviewed version of each song before the recordings were finalized." Some of my personal favorites, all certified by Kim Ogden, IAC:

"Adventure Dog" Good driving song!
"Squeaky Deaky" Unbelievably catchy. Hands down, this album's hit. [BUY SONGS TO MAKE DOGS HAPPY]
"Ordinary Girl" by Koko. A nice 80's girl-folk feeling; like if Sarah Mclachlan, Raffi, and Tiffany did a collabo. [BUY FINE ANIMAL GORILLA]
"Doin' It Doggie Style" What makes this so beautifully perverse is the childish simplicity of the composition, in contrast with the fact that they are singing about dogs, fucking. Fucking each other. From the perspective of the dogs. Who are fucking. OK. [BUY UGLY DOGS NEED MORE LOVE]

I want to get to know you with your tail straight up,



Anonymous said...

andrea, you a slut!

Andrea said...

be that as it may, can we stay on topic? Adventure Dog!

Anonymous said...

andrea, I love you! Dog!

shadow said...

hey hey hey, I;ve been into Andrea for the longest....none you fool scan come over and hit on her...she's mine!

shadow dawgs!