Monday, October 30, 2006

DO IT 10.30.06

This is a whopper. First off, apparently I'm in today's Women's Wear Daily - but I can't see it because I don't have a subscription. If anyone else has access, please email me a copy at

Has anyone else heard the weirdness that is XZibit's "Concentrate"? Why does it sound like Mr. T's ode to rapists? And why is that good? I'm not sure, but go here to enjoy the phenomenally creepy video.

Make sure to go see the Standing Nudes play on Thursday! Trust me, they're truly awesome live - plus their seven inch, with which I am intimately familiar, is apparently #17 at WNYU. Which means one of several things: 1) Tim Sweeney mistook them for some weird indie house band. 2) Tim Sweeney is sleeping with their drummer. 3) NYU kids did so badly on their SAT's because they were busy listening to sweet music. And with that backhanded compliment, I bring you the inaugural DO IT of October.

Tue 10.31 'Sup Release @ Cake Shop, 2-6pm, FREE (bar + empanadas)
Tue 10.31 Kozik Signing @ Kid Robot, 6-9pm, FREE (flyer)

Tue 10.31 Mixel Pixel @ Monkeytown, 8pm, $10
Tue 10.31 Shindig @ Sin-e, 8:30pm, $15 (open bar) (flyer)

Tue 10.31 Parade Afterparty @ LOVE, $10 w/RSVP (bar 9pm)
Tue 10.31 CMJ's FilmFest opening @ Happy Ending, FREE, bar 10-11pm
Tue 10.31 Motherfucker @ Roxy, $20 w/flyer (bar 10-11pm)

Tue 10.31
NYLON/Misshapes/Dimmak @ Stereo, FREE (bar 10-12)

Thu 11.2
Standing Nudes @ Goodbye Blue Monday, time / $ tba

Fri 11.3 Slits + Apes + Genghis Tron @ 339 Scholes St, time/ $ tba

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