Friday, October 27, 2006

Woodie or Woodn'tie?

Wednesday night I had the good fortune to score a spot at the MTVu Woodie Awards. It was a time - my friend and I got our picture taken by Women's Wear Daily (vintage lamé shirt, Johnson shorts, Marc Jacobs shoes and Van Heusen cropped blazer, courtesy of Jess). If anyone finds a copy holler at a tastemaker.
The whole awards show format is pretty bizarre - there was no real host at the show, and they paired real celebrities with college DJ's as presenters, which was a sweet idea but hit or miss in execution. The DJ paired with Lupe Fiasco was talkative and enthusastic and actually made Lupe look a little bland, but the poor girl paired with Eugene Hutz looked like she had just lost a butt plug in her nethers. Nervous doesn't beging to cover it. Her eyes were saucer-sized and she had a smile resolutely spackled on no matter what lines she or Eugene had to say. Kim slayed her presentation, Beck slayed his performance, Lady Sovereign slayed her brain cells and announced in a proud cockney accent, "I'm drunk, but you all knew 'dat" - man, do I want her - and apparently Jared Leto got in a scrap with some other bloggers as well as Elijah Wood, and I cut out early to get some nosh and go to the Paper party at Hotel QT.


shadow said...

are you onthe WWD thursday? cuz, didn't see you on friday.

Anonymous said...

my stupid mouth