Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dropping the Ball

By request, here is a comprehensive list of absolutely everything you can do in NYC on NYE worth a mention. I’ve even been thoughtful enough to include some asterixes for events I would attend - make a resolution to thank me more this year - but please note that I, in what is swift becoming a NYE tradition for me, will be holed up at a private party in someone's house, and will refuse to party elsewhere, or talk about "where should we go, you guys?", for 48 full hours. Then, I will nurse my hangover for another 12. Then I will eat tomato soup, because that stuff is addictive.

And speaking of dropping the ball!! Ah, haha. I resolve to put more effort into the much loved parade of shit that is my mind, and to also spruce up the blog in ways you have yet to imagine.

Now remember, kids: fair labor practices in 007, and New Years is for amateurs; real alcoholics choose Boxing Day. For a list of horrid meatpacking parties with bottle service, click here.

NYE John Zorn @ Tonic, 8pm, $30
NYE GreendoorNYC @ Don Hills, 9pm, $15 w/flyer (champagne toast) (flyer)

NYE Radio 4 @ Mercury Lounge, 11:15pm, $25
Psychic Eve @ Monkeytown, 11:30pm, $20 (champagne toast)
*NYE The Shimmer Ball @ Rubulad Home Base, 10pm, $15 w/costume
NYE Misshapes @ tba, invitation only
NYE The Rub @ Southpaw, FREE
NYE Ad Lib @ 151, FREE
NYE Crashin’ In @ Williamsburg White Room, $10 w/flyer (bar 6-8pm)
*NYE Trash! Nymphomaniac @ Rififi, FREE (bar 9-10pm, 12am) (flyer)

*NYE MAKORnival @ Makor Café, $65 (bar 9-11pm)
*NYE Chocolate Fountain!! @
Park East Grill, $25 (bar+ 9pm-12:30am)
NYE Motherfucker @ Rebel, $20 before 12am w/
RSVP (flyer)

*NYE Jimmy Im Party @ Eastern Bloc, FREE (bar 10-11pm)(flyer)

NYE Charity Benefit @ Dove Parlour, $25 (bar 11-midnight)
NYE Chulo’s Eve Bash @ Taco Chulo, FREE (bar 12-1:30am)
*NYE Finger On The Pulse @ Royal Oak, FREE (champagne toast)
*NYE Sharegroove @
Capone’s, FREE (champagne toast + pizza!)
Erotic New Years @ Sutra, $95 (bar 8pm-2am) (flyer)

GBH @ Movida, $99 w/tickets (bar 9pm-2am)
Damien Fahey party @ Room Service, $150 (bar 9-2am)
Cheeky Bastard @ Maritime Hotel Caffe Bar, $20 (champagne toast)
NYE New Years Dream @ 96 Greenwich Ave, $27 (mention “the danger” - champagne)
Party @ B-Bar, $35 (champagne toast)
NYE Moe Choi @ China 1, $40 (champagne toast) (flyer)

NYE Bang It Out @ Savalas, $60 all you can drink (flyer)

NYE B&W Masquerade Ball @ SoHo Grand, $149 w/
RSVP (bar all night)
Sweet New Year @ Sugar Factory, $40 w/RSVP (bar all night)

NYE Loft party @ 60 Gansevoort St, $40 (bar all night, no bathroom)*

NYE Loft party @ Asterisk, $25 w/RSVP (beer bar all night)

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Anonymous said...

Shit! That's one hell of a list. Thanks!
- Ron