Monday, August 15, 2005

To The Max

I like when people I know do things.

Max and Dan are always doing things. They just started their production company, and they're going to start pushing Max's amazing short film Kinetescope. You can peep his movie soon at the New Haven short film festival.

Desira Pesta, a lovely Syracuse alum and general good Joe, screen prints Tshirts. She's good at it. My favorites are the pretty ones with dancers.

Monkeytown is not going to be open until (maybe) Sept. 1. This is a shame, because I know Kiss Me Kate is dying to reserve a table, sample their seasonal menu items, and see the new spread. And I know I am too. Bummertown.

As reported by the New York Times (for some reason), Fiona Apple's new website went live today. Apparently, Epic just looooooves "Extraordinary Machine." According to the Times, the new album will "place Ms. Apple and her label, Epic Records, in the unusual position of watching how fans and critics judge her new release against the leaked versions of her earlier recordings of the same songs." In another high-risk gamble, the new website proudly offers a contest to 'Go see Fiona Apple live!' Considering her track record in New York alone - storming offstage at a Rock The Vote benefit, spazzing onstage and off at Roseland - this contest could be even more hit-or-miss than the album release.

Managing MGMT has been completely awesome. These boys are fucking genius. It's amazing to see Andrew's handwritten lyrics with hardly any strikethrough or correction. The lyrics just seem to come to him. Awesome. Can't wait for the new site to go up!!

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