Thursday, September 29, 2005

La Fuji

FYI, Tuesday night at Movida is the shit. I’m a big fan of parties where something happens besides booze and schmooze, especially if that something is a rock show. First Jesse Malin played an acoustic set (chicken), and then Ryan Adams did the same. He was a bit of a diva – the guitar was too loud, and he yelled back to the sound guy “I could play a Slayer set, seriously!” - but he had an undeniably strong and specific stage presence, which made his performance pretty magnetic. None of us realized it was his record release party, because he didn't mention it. Mike Fujikawa, who hosts the party, is completely great. Think about sitting on a beach with your friend, slightly stoned, riffing on some preppy spring breakers and keeping your Corona cool in the wet sand. That’s Mike. He had an infectious smile on the whole time, to match his fucking cabana hat. Huge friend crush on him, and his brother Danny.

Anyway, photos of Ryan Adams to follow – and maybe, if you’re lucky, a bonus shot of M. Goldblatt post-party on a subway platform.

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