Thursday, September 29, 2005

This Shit Is Hot

Lady Sovereign, who is my new pet obsession, performed at Webster Hall last night!...with Public Enemy!! Her Vertically Challenged EP is set for release in November on Chocolate Industries, featuring a new version of “Shhh!” produced by Ad Rock! Holy shiiiiitttzuuuuu! PS I want to hang with a 19-year-old girl. PS What is wrong with me?
Stream her current shit here:

Diamond Nights newest record Popsicle is available to stream on their website. It is unbelievably great.
Diamond Nights - Popsicle

Kemado newbies The Sword are kind of fantasy metal, and too heavy / weird for me, but Kemado has turned into such a solid, consistent niche label that I’m going to post this anyway and let you decide.
The Sword – Baraels Blade
The Sword - Ebethron

Chiptunes! Music made out of Gameboys. Bit Shifter is one of the best...
Bit Shifter – Bad Surge

Max introduced me to LA-based artist Sunny D. Levine last night. I don't know, Lo-Fi Surf Pop? I don't know what it is, but it's very good, and it makes me feel all Taoist. You can stream four of his tracks on MySpace. Here are two trax he released in July:
Sunny D. Levine - Glass Jaw
Sunny D. Levine - Love Rhino

I talked about the band Mahi Mahi a while back. Providence-based, white-clad, industrial noise-rock delight, and truly awesome performers. Here is my favorite track off their record, (RE) Move Your Body.
Mahi Mahi - Way Out

Some friends of mine, Providence-based rock outfit Fang Island play Tommy's Tavern (1041 Manhattan Ave, Bkln) tonight, around 9pm, $5.

Don't Do Anything Useful
Walkmen working on new album and novel?
…my new favorite blog is about my favorite thing,
weirdo jumps from building to building for fun.
Ashanti is slated to represent Mudd Jeans “Delicious Curves” line in November.

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