Friday, January 27, 2006

Germans Are Perverts.

Can someone please explain what the hell is wrong with Germany? Germans are sick people. As if we needed further proof of this, here's a German commercial for glasses (click photo to watch on Google Video).

But as an aside: don't you think this would work even better as a car commercial? (tagline: "Love your car?")

Deutsche Frauen, deutsche Treue, Deutscher Wein und deutscher Sang,



shadow said...

germans are perverts...americans are hypocrites- so what? example: "ACS Worker Accused Of Sexually Abusing His Children Is Arraigned"

perhaps you should consider changing that tagline on your blog.

get over it and laugh it up.

Katey said...

One day we will see such a thing on American television. It's the mariachi music that makes it, really.

Andrea said...

I am not a hypocrite. The only time I've ever given head to a stick shift was when I was drunk, and it was a rental. It didn't mean anything.