Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm Talking About My Oozie Of Ooze

AMAZING: 70 tracks of Paul Stanley ad-libbing intros and between-song banter on tour with KISS. After about 20 of his screamed / sung intros, you'll noticed that Stanley sounds less like a rock god, and more like the drunk homeless guy on the F who you're kind of engaging so he doesn't stab you, but mostly you hope that if you smile and nod and stare down at your lap, he might get tricked and think you disappeared. You think that until he shifts two seats over to get closer to you and lurches back and forth while he talks and sometimes sings the sentence he just said, or sticks snippits of MoTown hits into the conversation. Example: "S'Friday night, right? Yeah, s'Friday. Friiiiday Niiiiiight, yeah, s'Friday. Everybody out, you goin' out? I'm gonna stay right here. I'm gonnnaaa stayyy – righhhht heeeeer for you girl." It also reminds me of this interview with James Brown where he's obviously on crack.

Paul Stanley – People, Let Me Get This Off My Chest (LARGE ZIP)

I'm talking about my six-shooter of sex,

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