Sunday, January 29, 2006

You Gotta Love It

Little update on the Cam'Ron vs. Hova situation: for one thing, former beef-haver Nas is officially signing to Def Jam.

Killa Cam had a press conference here in NYC on Wednesday, to discuss his brand new beef with Jigga. Some delicious quote nuggets include:
"I'm not gonna just keep beating up on a old man...If I say somebody looks like a camel, they look like a camel." [mp3 at Fader]
"I flew the plane into the towers. I mean, do what you gotta do."

Jay-Z responded Thursday that Cam's dis track is "trash" and that the involvement of former Roc-A-Fella partner Damon Dash is "shocking" and "crazy." Hova didn't clarify whether he would retaliate: "Before I'm a CEO, I'm a MC...At the end of the day, I'm far too advanced for those dudes." (full interview here)

Of course, Cam (with Juelz Santana in tow) found time to plug the upcoming Diplomats release (8/29), as well as their 10-part movie, Killa Season, about growing up a gangsta in Harlem (4/11). He also mentioned their soundtrack, website, magazine (called Platinum Entrepreneur, first cover feature LA Reid) Dukedagod's album, Hell Rell's album, Juelz and Jim Jones' albums, and finally, a DVD on child molestation through the internet ("the ridiculousness of the older men and women tryin' to get with children over the internet...we want to bring that to the light"). [mp3 of lengthy plug at Fader]

And finally, lest we forget that hip hop is really all about the music (sigh), an advance of the Dipset Killa Season soundtrack, due out in April.

Cam'Ron - Killa Season (advance) [Thanks KitchenAccident]
Killa Season Trailer [Thanks GunItWorld]

Mind your pussy steak, it been underseasoned,


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