Friday, January 13, 2006

A Pirate's Life For the YMCA

I'm psyched to start working out at the Prospect Park YMCA. Predictably enough, however, I'm even more psyched about this program they offer:

Seamen's House One of the most venerable programs of the Prospect Park YMCA is Seamen's House, which offers housing and social services to retired and active seafarers.

In addition to this, the YMCA runs an "Adopt-a-Ship" program, and offers laptop access to active seafarers, as well as book clubs, social services, and programs "showing them the many benefits of exercise," such as exercise classes and free access to equipment. Besides the obvious ("Seamen's House"), my favorite part of this is how they make active seafarers sound like underpriviledged, thumbless children who can't speak English. My other favorite part is how the Park Slope YMCA is really into seafarers and ships, for no apparent reason. Help our seafarers now!

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