Monday, July 17, 2006


Turns out that blogging on a Mac, Firefox or not, is unbelievably annoying. My links keep getting lost, there are no formatting shortcuts on the keyboard, and generally it is making this usually spiffy event list much more irritating.

I will say this: the Spirit Marines are playing on Friday, and they are awesome. I've seen them five, six, maybe three thousand times. They are actually 200 year old mariners, and they try to play ten or fifteen times per year; so you see what I'm saying. They are ancient seafarers, and they play great music, originally composed on conch shell horns and other nautical instruments, with keyboards and guitars and drums. Oh, it's quite something.

Mon 7.17
The Band Wagon @ Bryant Park, dusk, FREE

Mon 7.17 Friday the 13th Part 3 @ Rififi, 10pm, FREE

Tue 7.18 French Kicks @ Virgin Records USQ, 6:30pm, FREE
Tue 7.18 Taco Tuesday @ Luke + Leroy, 7pm, FREE
Tue 7.18 Talib Kweli + Jean Grae @ Apple Store SoHo, 7pm, FREE
Tue 7.18 Pool party @ Hotel QT, 9pm, FREE (bar 9-9:30pm)
Tue 7.18 We bite! @ Happy Ending, FREE

Wed 7.19 UCB @ Central Park, 6:30pm, FREE
Wed 7.19 Beastmaster @ Hudson River Park, dusk, FREE (flyer)
Wed 7.19 Gentri-Fi @ The Creek & The Cave, 9pm, FREE

Wed 7.19 Slurp @ The Cock, $5 (flyer)
Wed 7.19 Calling All Kids @ Sapphire Lounge, FREE (bar 10-11pm)

Thu 7.20 Strangers On A Train @ Empire-Fulton Ferry Park, dusk, FREE
Thu 7.20 Human Giant @ UCB Theater, 9:30pm, $8

*Fri 7.21 Spirit Marines @ Union Pool, 8pm, $?


Anonymous said...

I want to DO YOU!

shadow said...

hey there, this lady is spoken for!

shadow said...

rumour has it...MANU CHAO will be playing in Prospect park....

Andrea said...

That's no rumor, shadow, it's gospel: Monday 8.7, Manu Chao @ Prospect Park Bandshell, 7pm. Tickets are $25 from Ticketmaster.

shadow said...

thank you!
I shall now be forever your kinxster slave.


Anonymous said...

Do you concede Saturday nights to the starched striped shirt date rapists?

Anonymous said...

Damn, Andrea, sorry 'bout all this, i mean, it's like, i just, kind of, you know, felt like bonin'... you know

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I will KILL you, with a blade. Watch it, bitch.

shadow said...

how brave anon is. i shall tremble.

Anonymous said...

queer response, queer boy.