Monday, July 17, 2006


Hey! Remember that movie I told you guys about all the way back in November '05, called The Prestige? And remember how I said that it will most likely become my new favorite movie? And remember that I told you it features David Bowie as Nikola Tesla in a blood feud with Michael Caine as a magician, with the added boner bonus of Christian Bale, all directed by Batman Begins and Memento master baker Christopher Nolan?

Well, I was almost right: turns out it actually stars Christian Bale in a blood feud with Hugh Jackman, both of whom play magicians in 19th century London. David Bowie indeed plays Nikola Tesla, and Michael Caine seems to be playing the Hugh Jackman character's magic mentor. Throw in a buxomous dose of ScarJo, and yes, still Christopher Nolan, and you get one hell of a recipe.

I was definitely right about one thing: it will most likely become my new favorite movie. Check out the sick preview here!


shadow said...

we missed you Andrea!

Andrea said...

awww, thanks!